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Drink Menu

The Classics

Manhattan $7.75

Sweet Vermouth, Bulleit Bourbon & a cherry

Sloe Gin Ricky $5.00

Lime juice, Sloe gin and soda water on ice

Gibson Martini $7.00

Tanqueray, Dry Vermouth, lemon twist and pearl onions

Tom Collins $6.75

Pendleton, powdered sugar, muddled lemons, soda water iced Bit o’knowledge John Collins is Gin and Vodka is just Vodka Collins

Smith and Wesson $7.00

Absolut, Kahlua, cream and cola on ice

Old Fashioned $6.50

Makers, sugar and bitters served over ice

Moscow Mule $6.00

Stoli, lime juice and Gingerale served over ice

Harvey Wallbanger $6.75

Monopolowa orange juice and a Galliano float served over ice

The Cheapskate $5.00

Any of the above cocktails made with well liquor instead of call

Tuaca Sideways Sidecar $7.50

Tuaca, Hennessy, Grand Marnier with muddled lemons and oranges

Key Lime Pie $6.50

Stoli Vanil & muddled lime served as a martini

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